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  Capacity Upgrade Kit

For drivers who just need "more power and more torque", HKS have designed a series of capacity upgrade kits to suit each engines characteristics. Increased displacement offers more torque at lower engine speeds and by using the highest quality materials, the durability required for high levels of tuning is achieved. Nickel coated pistons which have strong anti-knocking properties combined with fully counterweighted crankshafts and high strength connecting rods (rods optional in some kits) combine to extract maximum performance from the turbocharger and increase torque.

<Engine Specific Kit>
●4G63 2.3L ●EJ20 2.2L ●RB26DETT 2.8L ●SR20DETT 2.2L
●4B11 2.2L ●VR38DETT 4.1L ●FA20 2.1L