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F-CON iS can control the latest advanced engines. Just connect to a stock ECU with a vehicle specified harness without modification. HKS "F-CON iS" is a piggy-back ECU for fuel and ignition management as well as new features.

Functions for fuel and ignition controls are inherited from the previous model F-CON SZ. In addition to it, function to collect OBD II diagnosis data was added for correction of setting due to stock close-loop correction values when intake/exhaust parts are upgraded or boost level setting is changed.

* To edit the control data or settings must be done by the F-CON Dealer.


Product Code No. Price (inc.VAT) Remarks
Universal 42011-AK003 ฿28,000 For PowerWriter shops. No data included.
Universal + OSC Set 42011-AK004 ฿44,000 For PowerWriter shops. No data included. Setting by PowerWriter is required. OBDII communication cable included.
F-CON iS OBDII Communication Cable 42999-AK009 ฿4,000 For PowerWriter shops. Compatible with ISO14230 OBDII coupler.


Stand-alone Computer for High-level Professional Tuners.
More variety of settings and more detailed management are possible.
Control method is selectable from L-Jetronic, D-Jetronic, and speed throttle.

* F-CON V Pro does not include any pre-set data. Setting by an F-CON Powerwriter Dealer is required.

■F-CON V Pro

Product Code No. Price (inc.VAT) Remarks
F-CON V Pro Ver3.4 42012-AK007 ฿55,000 For PowerWriter shops. No data included.