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S-style C

S-style C is the basic model of new S-style series. The simple structure provides beautiful style and great quality!

HKS S-style C was designed for those who want to enjoy the driving with family or friends with customizing cars.
HKS S-style C can provide comfortable long distance driving even with a customized car.

S-style L

The ultimate all-rounder for the low stance enthusiast.

HKS S-style L was designed to be highly reliable in various uses under any conditions. This new damper is recommended to preserve or improve the ride quality after upgrading tires and/or lowering the vehicle height. The driver can change the ride characteristics at will.

S-style X

It's not just lowering a vehicle height. It will have a wonderful driving performance as well.

HKS S-style X was designed for remodeling car experts to stand out and to make vehicles more stylish. This suspension kit is not only to lower the vehicle height, but also to provide traditional HKS HIPERMAX series' steady driving experience.